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Unclaimed Property Statement

Important Information About Protecting Your Hershey Stock From Escheatment:

The Hershey Company is required to “escheat” (report and transfer to a state unclaimed property division) your shares in The Hershey Company and/or uncashed dividend checks if they are considered abandoned property under relevant state law. Several factors might cause your shares and/or dividend checks to be considered abandoned property, such as: returned mail, lack of contact with our transfer agent (Computershare) on an annual basis, or uncashed checks. Once your shares and/or dividend funds have been escheated, you will need to file a claim with the relevant state for the return of your property. What can you do to help prevent the escheatment of your shares/dividends? Maintain activity on your account via annual communication with Computershare either by phone, mail, email or by logging into your shareholder account on their website to verify your account information. In many states, voting your proxy also counts as contact for unclaimed property purposes. Please be sure to keep your address up to date and promptly cash all dividend and sale proceeds checks.

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